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Why Your Company Should Engage in Experiential Marketing-Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio

Why Your Company Should Engage in Experiential Marketing

Gone are the days when daily media exposure came only from television, radio, and print. During this time, audiences were used to passively receiving marketing messages. When the only way of receiving media was tuning into one of a limited number of television or radio stations or pick up the latest publication from a news stand, what choice did we have but to passively pay attention and take in a commercial being aired or flip past a print ad?

Today, with the introduction of the Internet, streaming services, and other options that gives the end-user in charge of what they want to see, the effectiveness of the traditional marketing message, be it a TV commercial or a print ad, is now rapidly fading.

The big names in traditional media is now recognizing this shift in what customers are finding acceptable. For example, NBC Universal had decided to “create an ‘innovation fund’ for experimental marketing. A group… will be given a budget to dream up other ways to reach younger viewers through social media, guerilla campaigns and other events.” (Rose par. 12)

What is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing basically is making use of a marketing strategy to try to involve customers with a company’s branded experience. Rather than setting up a flat and passive “sender, message, receiver” dynamic – which is the traditional way, experiential marketing creates an experience that a customer will enjoy in order to make them to have a positive connection with a brand. This creates longer-lasting relationships and a deeper connection than the traditional marketing message.

One of the best forms of experiential marketing is through events. Branded events are able to bring in large audiences who are sure to enjoy the experience, and associate that positive experience with the brand. This positive perception of the brand can convert the event-goer into a long-term, brand-loyal customer.

The next time you are building a marketing plan, remember that your audience values experiences, and an inconspicuous yet an effective marketing message. Are you going to be that nosy salesperson that consumers view as an annoyance, or a helpful salesperson that provides them with what they value?

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