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winter wedding - photo booth rental san antonio

Why You Should Have a Photo Booth at Your Winter Wedding

The day has arrived, you are getting married and of course, you would want your guests to have a truly awesome time at the wedding. Getting a photo booth for your winter wedding is a great way to capture the day, and to have all your guests have a good time.

If are still undecided about whether or not you want to book a photo booth for your big day, read on the following for the awesome things that you can do with a photo booth at your winter wedding.

  1. It gives everyone a chance to play with props – weddings are always so much fun as there is dancing, mingling with family and friends and of course, eating! Aside from all the fun, it is also good to break the party a little bit with some side activities that guests can enjoy. If you are looking for some fun things for your guests can be engaged with, consider booking a photo booth. Props are always fun and make sure to include the mustaches or signs that say silly things.
  2. Because you would want to see everyone you know with a mustache – who does not enjoy seeing family and friends with props? The mustache is still the best for this particular situation. You can get creative with the props your put in your photo booth. You may be from the beach and you would want to incorporate the sea ambience and shells, or probably you are working on the same industry and can incorporate props form your daily jobs. Anyhow, a photo booth rental always livens up the activities and brings the joy of the wedding to everyone.
  3. Capturing the moments of your friends and families without the official photographer – having an official wedding photographer is a requirement and surely, they will be able to capture awesome photos from your wedding day. Most if these will have captured on candid moments and it is a good thing. Though, it is also a good idea to be able to get some photos taken by guests. You can do this by having a photo booth rental on your wedding reception and you would be able to encourage guests to take pictures.
  4. It is an extra activity that guests can do at the party – extra activities are always welcome. You will see your guests to be busy with toasts, meals and dances with family and friends. However, there is no better type of wedding activity to participate in where you can take a keepsake for remembrance. Also, it is just because photo booths are of classic fun. It is sure to bring smiles and memories to your wedding without even trying too hard.