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Why Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding?

Weddings and photo booths are always perfect matches. Not just weddings but also private events, corporate parties, product launches and other marketing initiatives, have all used photo booths to entertain guests and capture splendid memories. But do photo booths, especially open air photo booths do live up to the expectation? When considering options, here are top points to consider renting a modern open air photo booth service for your wedding:

  1. Spontaneity is Encouraged – a photo booth is not meant to replace a professional wedding photographer, the obvious potential drawback is that the task of taking pictures is limited to single person (or several people, if they are a team). All guests can tap into their spontaneity and creativity. As a suggestion, let the official photographer take the “bigger” moments but then, allow the photo booth to take the silly, smaller moments that are not generally captured by the hired lens. An open photo booth is incredibly inviting and generally adds fun and the hilarious.
  2. It Does Not Pressure Guests – It may be a bit intimidating to the less tech-savvy guests and some may be shy. However, an open photo booth is a very good entertainment option that is readily available (and is in the background) of your reception the entire time. Guests are very much welcome to use it at anytime with anyone and everyone. Guests can walk to the booth on their own prerogative and some might be encouraged to join by friends and family, and capture both the best and silly moments.
  3. It Adds a Personal Touch – Regardless of the size of the wedding, a big priority of the day is to show guests of how much the appreciation it is for them and acknowledging the effort for them celebrating the event. A photo booth definitely guarantees that every guest will have the opportunity to leave a captured moment on the special day. It is even better if the photo booth offers on-site, instant printing. Guests would be thrilled to have their photo souvenirs handed to them literally within 5 minutes after taking their pictures.
  4. Photo Booth Prints Make for Memorable Wedding Favors – There are brides that are still on the traditional ways – for example, provide their guests with hand crafted candles or with fancy, expensive chocolates. Today, more and more wedding receptions are moving away from the traditional wedding favors seen in weddings in the past.

One thing that is clear from the contemporary wedding trends is that couples want their weddings to be personal, unique, and cherished experiences. While cost, availability and space of the reception are sometime not always negotiable, the question to be asked is “Why not rent a photo booth?”

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