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When to Have a Photo Booth - Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio

When to Have a Photo Booth

What would be the ideal time to open a photo booth? This is indeed a great question and knowing the answer will help keep the costs down and maximizing the time your guests are able to use the booth. If the booth opens up early in the evening, they are typically starting to just warm up and do not tend to use the photo booth. There will be some outgoing groups who jumps straight and pull their best photo booth faces. However, these guests are with the minority and at this stage of the event, most people tend to mingle or just stay in small groups.

As the evening progresses, people start to consume alcohol; the social lubricant and loosen up. When the evening wears on, guests would start gathering around the photo booth for some topsy-turvy and at times, hectic fun. The problem here is that, in-between the start of the evening when guests are quite stiff and when the people have finally warmed up, there is a big tendency that large chunks of time is already been used for formalities and dinner and during this time, it would be discourteous if guests start to stand up just for the booth.

All of these situations must be taken into consideration when planning the event and selecting the perfect time to open the booth. It is generally recommended that the booth be open after the formalities and dinner ends so guests can jump right in and have fun. By this time, everyone would be relaxed and ready to party.

To cover almost all possibilities, the best option is still to rent a photo booth for the entire duration of the event. This makes sure that the booth is always at the ready and guests can utilize the photo booth. But if the situation does not allow, we do recommend that the time of the photo booth would be sometime later in the evening (or the event, for that matter) after the formalities have finished.