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What Style Would You Rent for Your Event

A photo booth now becoming ‘the’ add on for a wedding, birthday parties, corporate or any black tie event for that matter.

It is really nice to know that guests can have a nice memento to remember the event by, and bring in that virality that you have been looking forward to – if you want your event to be the talk of the town for the next few weeks or months.

Indeed, the photo booth market has matured in a relatively short time. It has come from a long way from the regular passport type photo stations of the past to the complex creative designs of today.


The Traditional Photo Booth

 The very first type of photo booth is the traditional. It is the common photo booth out there and it is something very familiar to everyone and is similar to what the early automatic photo booth machines appeared like. Hint: where everyone used to get their passport photos printed.

The traditional photo booths like the fixed booths and are usually fully automated. These booths do not require much help from an attendant because these booths are fitted with a simple push button or a mechanism that allows the person to control the whole picture taking process. It is self-sufficient and is perfect for events such as weddings, birthdays or school events.

The Open Air Photo Booth

 Another second type is the open air photo booth. This kind of setup is somewhat different from the traditional setup as there is no sense of enclosure as opposed to the traditional photo booth. In terms of technicality, every piece of equipment is still there; camera, lights and printer. What really is missing from the equation would be the walls that enclose the booth.

This type of photo booth is great for big events such as brand releases because there is literally no limit on how much people can be on the picture. As long as they can fit in the framing of the backdrop, all systems are a go.

The obvious downside for open air photo booths is that, photo taking sessions might become awkward when doing the crazy poses when there are a lot of people passing by, standing around the spectators, or just lining up waiting for their turn to get their pictures taken.

The Video Photo Booth

This kind of photo booth is the new kid on the block. This option is really cool because aside from having the usual photo booth capabilities, it also added an extra feature – a video camera with high frame capabilities and allows guest to take video clips.

The video clips are usually played on a monitor so that everyone in the party can view it and check it out. The videos are usually compressed to save virtual space and make it easy to send the videos once the event is done.

So there it is – three different styles of photo booths that you can choose from for your event. Contact us now at (210) 802-9813 for inquires.