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What is the Real Cost for DIY Photo Booths

What is the Real Cost for DIY Photo Booths

If you are planning to have a photo booth for your event, surely you have considered a do-it-yourself photo booth as an option and you may have some big ideas. You may also have researched on the cost and have considered how to save on the DIY photo booth concept. Try to see the following practical reasons why it may not be the cost saver as it can be thought of.

Figure out the costs in advance – A photo booth set up may not as inexpensive as you might think. Right off the bat, you would need a decent camera. You can think of having a webcam as an alternative but certainly, a DSLR camera will give you better professional results and is the industry standard. The next cost factor is the printer. A professional sub-dye printer can start at $1000 upwards and is the type of printer the pros use on the field. Home printers are thought of as the viable alternative but with the ink cartridges, the cost can go higher than originally thought of. The home printer alternative can indeed print photos, but once the cost of ink cartridges and photo paper is added, you might be looking to re-evaluate the plan.

Is building one worth your time and money? We had been schooled – time is money and let us face it, planning and executing a DIY photo booth will take time. From the initial research and all the purchases that you will make until to the plan’s implementation. To start, the type of camera, backdrop, printer, lighting, computer, props, media and software are the fundamental research needs to be done, not to mention the decisions to be made for purchases all takes time. Then, if time is money, you should be able to commit and understand that this can take many hours of your personal time.

Photo booth set up essentials – lighting and props. It is a given that every photo booth needs props, lights and a backdrop. In producing quality images, lighting is the crucial element and is the factor that separates the pros from the beginners. A professional booth will always a key light with supporting lighting for the background. You would not like to learn the hard way by having the lesson taught to you during the event. Props are definitely fun but they also add up to the cost no matter how cheap you can get them and with a photo booth, there is no such thing as ‘enough’ props.

To conclude, it is highly advised to do your research and in figuring out the costs before you commit to do a DIY booth. Some people or websites can make it look easy but from the facts raised, it can become complicated and expensive. You may also look at the situation as having your favorite aunt taking pictures at your event versus having a professional photographer. To some, it is a solution but it can or may not be for others.