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Photo Booth Rentals: Start to Plan for the Prom

The prom may be some few months away but if you are appointed as the event organizer, you probably have given it plenty of thought. You know that the event is a treasured rite of passage and organization is essential for success. To make sure that the process goes as planned, make sure that you are able to delegate the tasks well, setting the processes and clearing the boundaries. In planning a prom, the sooner to start the sooner you can get the details nailed down. Here are some useful tips in organizing this year’s prom party.

Choosing a Date and Venue

One of the first decisions your committee should be able to make is finding the date for the event. Check against the school schedules and calendar and confirm a date that does not conflict with other school event and would also work for the majority of the guests. One the date is set, the next step is to secure the venue. While some schools hold their proms in the gym or the auditorium, others also take the dance to a location off-campus. If you opt to choose to have the event of-campus, have the prom committee look into ballrooms, convention centers, hotels and some large, fancy restaurants. Check if they are within the price range and are free to be booked on the day of the prom.

Getting the Word Out 

This is the prom that your school has not seen yet. Let the invitation and the tickets show it. Coordinate the invites with your theme and make sure that they have the basic information such as the date, time and venue. The more excitement the better. Start advertising the prom early with posters, flyers, emails or even build a website around it.

Deciding on the Menu 

Deciding on the menu really all boils down to the dietary restrictions and the available allotted budget. You can choose to serve an entire dinner, some snacks or just offer appetizers and desserts. There is really no wrong or right answer when it comes to the decision for the menu for a prom, just make sure that everyone who is attending is aware on what is being served before they arrive. You would not want to get the students expecting a full meal when appetizers are only served. On the other hand, you would not want prom-goers to be filled when you will be serving dinner later.