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Maximizing Your Wedding Photo Booth

Photo Booth 102: Maximizing Your Wedding Photo Booth

Photo booths have generally become all the ‘in’ thing these past few years. From private events, marketing initiatives, corporate parties and especially with weddings. They all use photo booths both for entertaining guests and to preserve all those awesome memories. You have made up your decision to rent a photo booth, here are some excellent ideas on how to maximize your booth rental.

  1. Finding the best location to place your photo booth – It does not really matter how amazing your photo booth is if no one is using it. The key in having the best booth is location, location, location. Have the photo booth placed near the dance floor or near the bar where guests would likely to circulate all night will definitely attract more attention.
  2. It is always the best time for your photo booth to open during the cocktail time and run throughout the reception. This will give everyone to have something to do while there is a bit of a downtime on the event. If the cocktail hour and the reception is a bit far apart, having the photo booth run during the reception will also work great. Consult with Photo Booth Rental San Antonio on the best time t start the photo booth. Usually, the photo booth is set up earlier and the attendant will come at the agreed time and get the booth started.
  3. How to inform your guests of the photo booth? For you to provide the best photo booth experience, get their attention and announce where the booth is located and the run times. Another great way is to have your MC or DJ do the announcement. It is also a good idea to have the MC or DJ announce the final call for the photo booth. This way your guests will still have enough time to have their final photo booth moments.

The most memorable day of your life should include as many photos as possible and with our photo booths you are in good position to also see how your guests have enjoyed your wedding day.

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