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Keeping the Schedule on Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding day can be an overwhelming task, knowing where to start and end and after spending hours scheduling the day, stress can surely surface when schedules do run behind. Here are some ways you can keep your wedding day on schedule and have some down time for relaxation.

  1. Provide for more extra time – In general, men do not exactly need much time to get ready, but women do. Allow three or more hours and this will make a big difference. How you may ask? You allow around 2 hours for the bridal party to get ready and the makeup and hairstylists arrives an hour later. You then have to get all the girls ready and this usually can fast become a rush in which, the time lost can never get recovered.
  2. Do not plan on a stiff schedule – If your planning is on half an hour to one hour increments, the schedule can fast become lopsided. Schedule only the big activities and leave the rest to your hired professionals such as photo booth services, photographers, coordinators and ask them what they need in general. Stay firm with the time and then ask your hired pros. Always remember to add buffer times too, a little extra will go a long way.
  3. Getting Your Hair and Makeup done in a Salon – Salons have time restraints and clients that have arranged schedules after you leave. They also have a good estimation of how long it will take to get the entire bridal party ready. If getting ready at a salon is not possible, consider having one or more makeup and hair artist. The general rule; the larger the bridal party, the more you should hire.
  4. Consider to Get Ready First – having the maid of honor and the bride get ready is a good move to get things running on time. The bride can leave if she is due for photographs and she can be getting in her dress while the others are in the process of getting their hair and makeup done.
  5. Appropriate Time for Posed Photography Prior the Ceremony – Generally, it will take around 2-3 hours depending on how detailed the posed photography would be.  Ask your photographer for estimation and allot the time needed for the activity. If you are on schedule, it is more likely that you will have an extra down time and for most couples, that down time is really needed.