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Instagram Your Wedding

From helping to plan to preserving memories, social media has played quite the impact on weddings. Instagram, in particular, provides a stage or a platform to engage everyone that is involved in the celebration in a visual way. More and more weddings are incorporating the app to display the perfect picturesque elements as well as keeping an online photo journal of the entire experience.

Today, the convenience of smartphones offers a super easy way to supplement the traditional photography and your open air wedding photo booth. Not only that this gives a free way to get more photos of your wedding, but by using Instagram at your wedding allows you to crowdsource photos, capture small details as well as other personal moments that the professional photographer is not able to capture.

Here are some ideas to maximize Instagram at your Wedding.

  1. Create a unique hashtag – Create a unique hashtag for your wedding and ask your guests to include it on their social media posts throughout the entire wedding event. This will add to an ongoing, live feed of the event from everyone at the wedding. The creative the better. The hashtag should be something that is easy to remember so guests are encouraged to take part of it.
  2. Create a fun sign to let your guests know – Once you have decided on the hashtag, find a creative way to share the hashtag to all guests. Have a fun and unique sign that is consistent with the style of your wedding and display it in a prominent place where all guests will see it more than once. In addition to a decorative sign, find other interesting ways to prompt your guests. Such as including it on your stationary so that each time someone glances at their programs or hand outs, they are reminded to take a picture and add the hashtag. For the party, include the message on drink stirrers, centerpieces and on photo booth print outs.
  3. Wishing that all of them were there – Share your hashtags to people who, unfortunately, were not able to be present at your wedding. This will allow them to follow along with the events in real time. Seeing the moments getting captured and uploaded on Instagram will get them as close to physically taking part with the festivities as possible.
  4. Gather, print and share – Want to preserve some of the Instagram photos permanently? After you have gone through the selection process, submit your favorites to be printed or framed. The candid moments can create some of the romantic moments to put on display.

When all is said and done, the Instagram shots from the wedding are the perfect quick peek while waiting for the professional photos to be developed. Your hashtagged photos will serve as treasured mementos of the event as it happened, crowdsourced from all of your loved ones.