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How to Quickly Plan for a Spring Wedding

A spring wedding has always gives off a feeling of new beginnings and freshness; tulips that are bursting into life, blossom on trees, a slight chill in the air and everyone is starting to appreciate the soft afternoon sunshine. What better time to plan a wedding than when things start to get greener? If you are looking to avoid the competition for summer weddings, spring wedding is the perfect alternative.

Being simple can be beautiful

Many people who have spring weddings choose a DIY feel to it. This is actually helpful for weddings that must be planned in a short amount of time. Instead of waiting ordered items to arrive from the mail, you can suggest that the wedding party collaborates to make some things for themselves to help out. When approaching the wedding this way, small details can be personalized at some extent the rate of the projects getting completed is more controlled. Also, DIY projects can be kept simple and affordable as well as being fun to do.

Working with the weather

Spring is a season of unpredictable weather. Rather than relying on weather reports and trying of what you can or should prepare for, instead, be ready to accommodate the weather – rain or shine. It is better to choose a venue that you clients will enjoy rain or shine, inside or outside. Make a plan for the weather; it may become unseasonably warm or in the case of spring drizzles. If you have a short time frame, be open to the idea of having a decorated tent or a gazebo in a park that provides a nice outdoor setting and some shelter. These venues are often easier to book on a tight schedule because they have more availability than that of churches and halls.

Working with what nature has to offer

Your surroundings give you more than just good starting points for color schemes. Spring flowers are blooming around which adds to the décor for those who choose to have a part of their wedding outdoors. If you have chosen a venue with green spaces or a garden area, try to look around and find which flowers are already blooming and try to work around them. By incorporating the flowers on the surroundings into the wedding décor gives the an undoubted spring ambience which in turn saves you time, money and effort as it would when bringing all the flowers that you would need on your own.