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How to Have an Awesome Trade Show Photo Booth Experience

Photo booths can have a major impact at trade shows. While mascots and dancers are relatively cool, why not have an entertainment installation that will actively generate your brand or product leads and impressions all the while putting smiles on the guests.

Choosing the right photo booth will solve this for you. Here are some few ideas in having a totally awesome trade show photo booth experience.

Unique branding – your unique branding and message that is built into your custom photo booth. Items on the photo booth such as the backdrops and photo prints must have your logo and your business message. Adding this element to your photo booth marketing campaign, will truly make it easy for you to promote your brand and your latest services, products and other offerings at the trade show. The links to your website, hashtags and social sharing buttons can be easily added to the trade show photo booth’s final photo prints as well and is good to maximize these areas of promotion.

Giving the visitors a fun takeaway – your guests can show it to their friends and family for your trade show photo booth. You can give them branded and event themed photo prints. As part of your corporate event marketing strategy, you can help expand the reach that your event will have at the show.

Connecting thru social media – you would be guaranteed to get potential maximum exposure by linking this offline event to your online presence through your social media accounts. This way, it will build loyalty with your visitors and potential clients or customers. The guests can also be requested to endorse your business’ Facebook page and get their photos or when they tag some of their friends.

Word of mouth promotion – photo booths are quite common nowadays at private parties and yet they are still a new addition to roadshows and trade events. Chances are, that if you set up one at your next event, it is going to stand out and potential customers or clients will remember it. Word of mouth is extremely powerful and it is wise to take advantage of it. Make sure that you talk directly to interested individuals, answer questions and field some queries. It will go a long way from there.

Making it fun – surely you would want your marketing efforts to be successful. You should approach the tradeshow as how your potential customers or clients perceive it to be and not just from your own perspective of the objective. While you would want to your photo booth guests signing up to your mailing list while keeping them happy to hand you (with expressed permission) their personal details, is to do it quickly. For example, you can have their personal contact details in exchange for the photo print.