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Congratulating the Graduate: Here are Good Graduation Party Ideas

As the weather starts to get warmer by the day, summer is right around the corner and seniors definitely looking towards the graduation day. It is a happy time for sure but is also a bitter sweet one as everyone would be saying their farewells to friends and classmates you have grown to love. What better way to celebrate the times you have had together that with a party? Here are some good tips for fond and fun farewell.

  1. Decorating with School Colors – From ordering fresh flowers to choosing the tablecloths, your decorations would offer plenty of opportunities to incorporate the school’s official colors. When it comes to placing flowers throughout the party, you have options to choose from, for example, pick bouquets that combine the school colors or choose one arrangement that has one shade and another on the other. In addition to the themed décor, your food and beverage choices can also feature school colors.
  2. Food – While everyone loves a good barbecue, it is always fun to try something fun and not so common. The menu for your party has great opportunity to be creative as there are multiple and even unlimited options to choose from. Our suggestion for the party foods are to keep it light and portable. Have some snacks like individual bags of popcorn, hot dogs, cupcakes, veggies and dip in plastic cups, and small sandwiches as they would be the easiest for guests to eat while socializing and does not tend to be as messy as foods that would require plates and utensils. To make it more fun, use the graduation year prominently in decorations or food shapes. Have the cake frosting match the school’s colors too!
  3. Rent a Photo Booth – What is better than getting all the memories documented? With a a photo booth rental of course. When you rent a photo booth for your graduation party, you are letting everyone to make an enduring keepsake out of it, with both a digital copy and a print of their photos. It gives them something that they can, in turn, share with family and friends for the years to come.
  4. Creating a Custom Hashtag – Create a custom hashtag for your party and tell everyone to tag their photos that they upload on their social media accounts so anyone can search then later on. Make sure that you come up with something unique that will make remembering and searching for it easy. A unique hashtag also eliminates the chance that your photos would be mixed up with some other strangers’ photos who are using the same tag. To help, you can hand out cards with the printed hashtag or hang in a sign in a highly visible area so everyone can see and remember while they are taking all those pictures away.