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Branding Opportunities That You Are Missing at Your Events-Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio

Branding Opportunities That You Are Missing at Your Events

As mentioned by marketing authority, Neil Patel, 72% of marketing experts believe branded material is much more helpful than promoting in a magazine; 69% mention it’s better to direct-mail advertising and Public Relations.” With that being claimed, one particular essential aspect of digital marketing and branding is to look into all the possibilities, or real estate, readily available for you to improve and scale your brand.

For instance, when producing visuals or even digital initiatives, the computer or laptop display, e-mail headline, social media network or mobile phone offers pre-formatted image measurements and also dimensions to work with. They offer you a pre-sized area to fill out with your branding, message, and images virtually any way you please.

When you are organizing a function, it’s necessary to make certain you are really making use of each and every approach possible in order to amplify your brand and take full advantage of return on investment (ROI). You may have a pre-designated area offered, however that should not be all you consider in terms of real estate.

And now more than ever, it is important to discover and maximize each one of your branding options for event marketing. You may well think about incorporating your logo to name tags, having a branded streamer here or there, or imprinting your logo on napkins or drinkware– however what transpires with your branding right after the big event? Is it achievable to broaden your branding into real estate past your event? The response is a resounding “yes!”.

With today’s society, we are prompted to share and post photos when we’re having a great time, that’s the entire explanation social networks were developed. #FoMO or the Fear of Missing Out is indeed a real and motivating force. Put simply: people remember experiences when they are having shared, collective fun while having fun with a party or event.

Anyone could be pondering, “Well, people will surely take photos here at our gathering and share it on their social media networks or with colleagues.” And that’s probably a safe assumption.

Still, can you grow your marketing and branding far beyond an event, just by means of organizing a photo booth? Why not capitalize on the real estate of their pictures? After all, relying on your guests’ selfies perhaps isn’t really within your brand name’s best interest. Listed here are a few reasons:


We have probably all judged someone’s selfie that did not turn out so good.

Many people retake photos for what looks like hours right before they finally have one semi-decent picture. Even celebrities like Nick Viall acknowledge their selfie game just isn’t as strong as it appears. Supposing that you depend on your guests’ selfies, you’re not really ensuring a high-quality, unforgettable, and exciting photo experience.


You are generally taking the risk of losing branding opportunities on social media.

Social networks enable you several possibilities to add branding (and also earn value from) a post.


They would consist of:

- the place of your event or company under the poster’s social media handle

- your event’s or business’ hashtag on the side of or under the picture

- your business’s social media handle somewhere in the post text


And so, with a little opportunity of your guests taking relevant selfies, incorporating the location, bearing in mind your social media handle, and including a related hashtag, it’s certainly not worth banking on visitors to really do much for you in the marketing and branding department. Anyway, you would like them to be enjoying your event and having awesome fun– not spending extra time on their phones.


How you can make the most of marketing and branding real estate with a photo booth at your event

A photo booth delivers fun for your visitors. It really gives your guests something to do in between all of the other activities at your event. It likewise really helps start a conversation and ease everyone up.

It’s customizable. You have the ability to make sure your branding and messaging is presented specifically the way you prefer it to be, while also featuring uniformity throughout every single picture.

Your visitors acquire a party favor. Exactly who does not appreciate party favors? Permit your guests to take away their momentous event.


In conclusion

In the interest of you following event, make sure that you are maximizing all the branding real estate available. Presenting your invitees with an entertaining activity, as well as a take-home party favor, is a win-win for both your branding and your guests.

If you are prepared to give unforgettable fun and grow your marketing and branding real estate at your upcoming event, contact us, we ‘d love to help!