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Brand Activation: Driving Consumer Engagement

Have you ever noticed that when you go and purchase a popular brand’s product, do you wonder and ask why they become so trustworthy and admired?

Let’s get to the truth, when a product is first manufactured or released, it is virtually unknown to the general public. For example, Volvo. When the company started to enter the US car market in in the 60s, Americans knew very little about the Swedish car maker.

Through the uses of consumer engagement marketing channels, such as memorable ad campaigns, experiential events, viral growth, and consumer participation strategies, Volvo succeeded in gaining the acceptance of the American consumers as being a tough and reliable motor vehicle.

Here are some strategies for implementing a consumer brand activation campaign:

Experiential Events

Live experiential marketing events are being used by big brands and with the goal of positioning the brand into the consumer’s minds and engaging them in a more personal experience. With experiential marketing, it gives potential customers to participate by trying a product, asking questions about it to make them feel that they are part of the brand.

The purpose is reaching people on multiple levels such as rational, emotional and psychological so that when the event is over, they can still remember what it was like to touch, feel and taste the product rather than just reading about it.

Promotional Marketing

Promotional marketing raises awareness of brands and its products to generate more sales and in gaining a loyal customer base.

The targeting of promotional marketing can be for businesses (B2B), retail and wholesale companies or it can be targeted at the end consumer (B2C). Consumer promotions can be done with the help of reward loyalty programs, special offers, loyalty programs, samples of products as well as point of sale of displays.

In Store Retail Marketing

Retail marketing (in store) activations helps customers in choosing one brand over the others inside a department store. In store retail marketing enhances the image of a brand or a product as well as features the benefits it offers or introduce the lifestyle that is linked to the product.

There are varieties of retail marketing and a brand can be activated using point of purchase displays, attractive design or hosting, retail product launch experiences that allows customers to sample the product.