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Best Food to Serve on Your Big Day

One of the highlights that your wedding guests await eagerly after the ceremony is the food at the reception. It’s important to have a range of food available for people with different tastes and dietary requirements in order to make sure none of your guests go hungry at your big day.

We’ve put together a list of creative ideas for your big day that will keep all types of guests happy. Have a look and customize your menu according to your own tastes!

Hors d’oeuvres

Every wedding needs hors d’oeuvres to keep your guests happy while waiting at the reception. Herbed soup shooters, Spanish tapas, mini-vegetable, meat or seafood skewers, and the classic wine-ham- cheese combination are great examples of hors d’oeuvres that you can serve during cocktail hour, while you and your spouse are having your wedding photos taken.

Dressed-up comfort food

Get your favorites and have your caterer plate it so that it looks elegant and unique! Give your guests the unexpected surprise of fries, BLT sandwiches, your favorite salad, buffalo chicken wings, fish ‘n chips, and more presented in elegant paper cups and plates.

Chef’s Station

You can’t please everyone – how do you serve a dinner for people who need vegan, paleo, kosher, halal or other special food requirements without making the rest of your guest list go hungry? – but you can have your caterer / chef prepare food on the spot so they can see how the food is prepared and select the ingredients they want. Set up a Chef’s Station at your reception and have the guests with special requirements line up and tell the chef what they would like from the ingredients / specialty menu presented to them, so the chef can prepare it in advance.

Salad Bar

This is a must-have for every wedding: a salad bar complete with various greens, tomatoes, fruits and vegetables, garnishes and salad dressings and vinaigrettes to choose from. It’s a great starter for dinner and a good source of food for vegetarians – or for those guests who just want to keep their figure slim in their dresses for the rest of the night.

Pies (whether in cups, pans, or puff pastry)

How do you serve an all-around healthy meal that makes your guests full while still keeping your plate looking elegant? Simple: savory pies! Puff pastry pies look very elegant even with a simple plate setup, but even traditional pies can look wedding-worthy as well with the right garnish and cut. To control the portions, you can make mini-pies in cupcake-sized pie crusts and have your guests get only what they can finish.

Wine and cocktails

The choice to include alcoholic beverages in your menu is entirely up to you, but in case you do want your bar, make sure to offer a wide variety of drinks for your guests. Start the evening with light drinks such as white wine, sangria or other cocktail coolers, and move to the richer flavors as the reception progresses. Have the bartender create a signature drink for the bride and groom as well using their favorite ingredients.

DIY Dessert Bar

Give your guests the freedom to choose what dessert they want! Chocolate fondue fountains, fruits, candy, baked brownies, butterscotch, and choco-mint bars, ice cream – name it, it should be there. Your guests can proactively create their own dessert based on the ingredients that you and your caterer provide. This is the best option if your guests have different tastes in food.