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Branding Opportunities That You Are Missing at Your Events-Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio

Branding Opportunities That You Are Missing at Your Events

As mentioned by marketing authority, Neil Patel, 72% of marketing experts believe branded material is much more helpful than promoting in a magazine; 69% mention it’s better to direct-mail advertising and Public Relations.” With that being claimed, one particular essential aspect of digital marketing and branding is to look into all the possibilities, or real estate, readily available for you to improve and scale your brand.

For instance, when producing visuals or even digital initiatives, the computer or laptop display, e-mail headline, social media network or mobile phone offers pre-formatted image measurements and also dimensions to work with. They offer you a pre-sized area to fill out with your branding, message, and images virtually any way you please.

When you are organizing a function, it’s necessary to make certain you are really making use of each and every approach possible in order to amplify your brand and take full advantage of return on investment (ROI). You may have a pre-designated area offered, however that should not be all you consider in terms of real estate.

And now more than ever, it is important to discover and maximize each one of your branding options for event marketing. You may well think about incorporating your logo to name tags, having a branded streamer here or there, or imprinting your logo on napkins or drinkware– however what transpires with your branding right after the big event? Is it achievable to broaden your branding into real estate past your event? The response is a resounding “yes!”.

With today’s society, we are prompted to share and post photos when we’re having a great time, that’s the entire explanation social networks were developed. #FoMO or the Fear of Missing Out is indeed a real and motivating force. Put simply: people remember experiences when they are having shared, collective fun while having fun with a party or event.

Anyone could be pondering, “Well, people will surely take photos here at our gathering and share it on their social media networks or with colleagues.” And that’s probably a safe assumption.

Still, can you grow your marketing and branding far beyond an event, just by means of organizing a photo booth? Why not capitalize on the real estate of their pictures? After all, relying on your guests’ selfies perhaps isn’t really within your brand name’s best interest. Listed here are a few reasons:


We have probably all judged someone’s selfie that did not turn out so good.

Many people retake photos for what looks like hours right before they finally have one semi-decent picture. Even celebrities like Nick Viall acknowledge their selfie game just isn’t as strong as it appears. Supposing that you depend on your guests’ selfies, you’re not really ensuring a high-quality, unforgettable, and exciting photo experience.


You are generally taking the risk of losing branding opportunities on social media.

Social networks enable you several possibilities to add branding (and also earn value from) a post.


They would consist of:

- the place of your event or company under the poster’s social media handle

- your event’s or business’ hashtag on the side of or under the picture

- your business’s social media handle somewhere in the post text


And so, with a little opportunity of your guests taking relevant selfies, incorporating the location, bearing in mind your social media handle, and including a related hashtag, it’s certainly not worth banking on visitors to really do much for you in the marketing and branding department. Anyway, you would like them to be enjoying your event and having awesome fun– not spending extra time on their phones.


How you can make the most of marketing and branding real estate with a photo booth at your event

A photo booth delivers fun for your visitors. It really gives your guests something to do in between all of the other activities at your event. It likewise really helps start a conversation and ease everyone up.

It’s customizable. You have the ability to make sure your branding and messaging is presented specifically the way you prefer it to be, while also featuring uniformity throughout every single picture.

Your visitors acquire a party favor. Exactly who does not appreciate party favors? Permit your guests to take away their momentous event.


In conclusion

In the interest of you following event, make sure that you are maximizing all the branding real estate available. Presenting your invitees with an entertaining activity, as well as a take-home party favor, is a win-win for both your branding and your guests.

If you are prepared to give unforgettable fun and grow your marketing and branding real estate at your upcoming event, contact us, we ‘d love to help!

Are Cheap Photo Booths Rentals Worth It-Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio

Are Cheap Photo Booths Rentals Worth It?

You have surely noticed that there are a bunch of choices when it comes to choosing a photo booth company for your wedding or event. But just like with haircuts and hotel rooms, normally the most inexpensive selection isn’t really the most ideal one. “You get what you pay” for is a famous expression, and this particularly is applicable when renting a photo booth company.


Badly Made Photo Booths and Low Quality Photos

Of course, anyone can easily contract a supplier for $300 – $400 to take a photo booth to your wedding reception. However, here’s just what anyone may generally acquire having these types of “budget” booths: A photo “booth” crafted from white PVC pipe (or perhaps just one of those Easy-Up tents your father makes use at family barbeques) along with a poor quality (and also not to mention, slow) inkjet printer, and an unenthusiastic staff member relaxing at a stark plastic table with a notebook computer going through their Facebook newsfeed. This is not a fictitious circumstance; this is coming from a real local photo booth company that our team have certainly witnessed at wedding receptions using this arrangement.


Ineffective Photo Booths

Professional-grade photo printers are not cheap. The majority of these kinds of budget photo booth services will certainly use less costly and slow color printers. You see that inkjet printer which you make use of to print homework assignments in your home? That’s most likely the very same version which the budget companies are generally making use of in their photo booth. Not just is the quality unsatisfactory, but the prints will be moist and quite easily sullied.

Supposing that these particular photo booth companies are really making use of an inkjet printer, they will most likely also must physically cut the paper to be the specifications of a photo strip (considering that a pretty good printer will print and cut at the same period of time). If these guys have not cut the strips in advance, this indicates that they are going to will have to trim every single photo strip as they print. This can lead to each photo session taking a lot longer, which guarantees that a lot fewer people will have the chance to use the booth. If you only get half as many persons using your booth for the reason that it is ineffective, are you actually saving money by opting for the less costly photo booth company?


They Are Not Really Expensive

Most of the time, the “budget” rate does not cover a number of the necessary attributes that married couples prefer, such as props, a guest book, or perhaps printed pictures (in some cases the inexpensive rate basically provides digital copies). These particular service providers generally demand more for these “complements”. By the time that they “nickel-and-dime” you with upgrades, the budget booth isn’t really much of a deal.


Cheap Photo Booths Are Cheap for a Reason

A lot of cheap photo booth companies are cheap simply because these guys are simply just starting out, and this is just a little something these individuals undertake to earn additional money on the weekends. Considering that these particular companies are actually brand new as well as somewhat not known, the simplest means in order to get sales is to get the least costly. Being not experienced suggests these guys are most likely to deal with issues. Photo booths are very complex and generally there are a million small details which can fail.

Companies that accomplish a fantastic job are simply in demand, they do not have to present discounts or take on budget priced competitors. Certainly there’s a good reason which the other guys are less expensive, and you really don’t would like to learn the challenging way by having them botch your event or wedding.

Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio-Which Photo Booth Should I Rent

Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio: Which Photo Booth Should I Rent?

A Photo booth is an excellent add-on for a wedding celebration, birthday party, company or black tie activity.

It is a really wonderful reminder to get folks recall the event by, and could actually produce that unique buzz that you happen to be trying for if you want an event people would be talking about for weeks and several months later on.

The Photo Booth industry has matured substantially in a rather short period of time– starting with the unrefined enclosed pop up “pseudo photo booth” along with a simple framework and curtain cover, to among the most elegant of clever styles in which now reach futuristic designs or even entire vehicles to house the booth inside.

The photo booth certainly has indeed come a long way from the regular passport kind photo stations of the past.


The Traditional Photo Booth

The first kind of photo booth is the traditional type. This is the most typical photo booth readily available on the market and also it is something that is really quite comparable to exactly what the earlier mechanized photo booth machines appeared like. You recognize the type– the booth’s where you used to get your passport photos printed.

They are generally a lot more like installed photo booths that are usually fully automated. They do not normally a lot of service from an attendant simply because these sort of booths most likely are kitted out with uncomplicated push button software program that permits the person to control all of the picture taking process.

This is a type of photo booth that may be self sufficient with small outside services required to run and would definitely be great for events such as weddings, birthdays or school events.

The drawback to this particular type of photo booth though is that they have certainly gotten quite familiar to many people, so may not generate the degree of attention to your event visitors that you would like.


The Open Air Photo Booth

The next kind of photo booth is the open air style. This kind of arrangement is considerably distinct from the conventional setup as it is not actually a booth (in a sense) because booths are supposed to be walled in and open air ones are plainly kind of “out there”.

Theoretically speaking, the configuration is basically the same, however. You still include the camera equipment, the lights, and the printer, and even the automatic shutter remote control and all that is really missing off the equation would certainly be the walls that wrap the booth.

The drawback to this however is because it may be a bit uncomfortable to perform the really outrageous poses when there are a number of individuals passing by, standing around being spectators, or simply just lining up to waiting on their turn to have their photos taken in the photo booth.

Photo booth pictures are notorious for a lot of people pulling off ridiculous and embarrassing poses in and so this may be a little bit of a turn off for folks who are not too crazy about being looked at carrying out crazy stuff. This particular style of booth typically comes with an attendant to man the technicalities of the thing. He is usually there to repair any type of minor issues, correct the lighting, replenish the ink of the laser printer, as well as primarily clarify to people how the photo booth work and also how it should be used.

This kind of photo booth is great for really huge events like company product launches simply because there is no restriction to the number of people who may fit into the pic. Provided that they fit in the framing of the background, it should be really good to proceed. The open air photo booth setup typically offers much more area and freedom to move and apart from the bystanders; it could be a really excellent choice to go with.


The Caravan Photo Booth

There is also the caravan photo booth. It is not just as weird as it sounds. It is just essentially just the same as with other regular photo booth only which it comes in with a variation– the setup is in a classic caravan.

It can possibly be really extremely cool for gatherings with themes. Certainly at most locations it is usually put in place outdoors. It will normally come with a background, a chair, and some props on one side of the truck and the opposite side is set up along with the touch screen menu for picture taking, the camera, the lighting effects, the laser printer, and so on and so forth.

This is a little something that adds on value in terms of marketing and advertising and that seems genuinely charming and interesting. The draw back to this however is that this takes on an awful lot of area so you kind of need to have a big location for this. It can also be relatively pricey but assuming that you are wanting to blow away and outshine something, this might be the right photo booth for your event.

Finding your Event Photo Booth-Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio

Finding your Event Photo Booth

Lots of digital photo booth rental services are presently promptly getting into the market and it has now come to be a requirement to obtain one as part of your celebrations and party needs! And even photographers, DJs and event planners are considering incorporating this particular excellent service to their repertoire.

Along with a wide variety of designs of photo booths and so many contesting photo booth companies in the market, it could be really difficult for prospects to select the best and suitable photo booth for their special event.

In this article, we have compiled some practical tips in choosing the ‘IDEAL’ and unique photo booth company that will definitely help you spice up your gathering and celebration demands.

Let’s start!

Find Out More About the Photo Booth Company

Find out if this company is really reliable or reputable. Are they experienced photo booth experts? Are their prices reasonable?

In the field of events and occasion organizing, once you’ve selected your photo booth you can’t quickly deal with a blunder on the same day of your event. So, doing thorough homework before deciding on the photo booth company to handle the fun on your day of event should be taken seriously.

Are there any online company reviews?

A great method in order to see how great a photo booth company is, is to check out several customer reviews. Customer reviews on their business website is a great first step however in order to get unbiased point of views try searching them on sites just where the business can not influence the review and rating, such as Google reviews, Facebook reviews and reviews on Better Business Bureau.

What about their equipment?

One crucial inquiry which you should ask about by yourself is if these companies have the ability to deliver professional quality photos. Exactly what camera do they work with? Do they use a digital SLR camera or is it a web cam? The kind of camera will likely have an effect on the quality of the photo as well as having the ability to increase the size of a picture.

Does the photo booth have a touch screen or is the operator taking the shots? This changes your guests experience.

How does the photo booth look like? It’s usually nice to have a photo booth that suits the theme of the event.

What’s included in the package?

At first sight, numerous photo booth companies can seem like they are quoting the exact costs. However, in more detailed assessment when you include all of the additions you might be paying more for a few than others. For example, are props included and just what sort of props do they have and quality, is there an album and if so what is the quality of the album?

Is the price realistic?

Cheap is not really for everyone. The cheaper the price beware just what you are booking. Price could also predetermine quality, we’re not pointing out that you need to spend top dollar but just like the above points touch on check reviews and what’s included in the package too.

For how long is their rental duration for? Is there a delivery fee to your event and are they restricted by time with your event to prepare. If you are having your event in the exact area as the wedding reception is the photo booth company adaptable with setup or will they be setting up even though your wedding is underway?

A number of photo booth companies will explain that they will match their competitor’s rate, and yet could they match quality of professional service too?

Always remember, that tapping the services of a photo booth is an experience that will be remembered by you and your visitors for years to follow. Let’s feel confident that the memories of their photo booth experience are great and wonderful.

How to Measure ROI on Experiential Marketing-Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio

How to Measure ROI on Experiential Marketing

One of the major pitfalls of experiential marketing campaigns is the complication of knowing its general effectiveness. Even if you encounter a great turn out and engagement at your activation does not mean that it achieved something for your product. All frequently, those who try to take part in experiential marketing assume there’s basically no straightforward solution to monitor the effects, so they make a decision not to concerned about it. This frequently generates a lot of wasted time, energy and resources. Without measuring the ROI of a campaign, how could you enhance your efforts in time? Here is a couple of tips in order to get back on track with tracking the ROI of your experiential marketing event:

Future of Measuring Experiential Marketing in the Future

Not surprisingly, more strategies to correlate and keep track of ROI of experiential marketing initiatives within our reach. One example is facial recognition and tracking software, which may be utilized at real-time events in order to analyze faces in the crowd in order to get details like age, gender and even for how long these individuals frequent a particular place. Such software applications might even track the number of people are looking happy or otherwise showing satisfaction, which is an useful metric in its own right. This software program and various other new technologies might not be so widespread just yet, still, you may assume to see them come into their own over the coming couple of years.

Brand Awareness in General

If your budget permits it, accomplishing brand awareness analysis before, during and after an experiential marketing event is an outstanding way to analyze its results. This particular approach is best utilized when raising brand awareness for a new product or service. Questionnaires are a good technique to take advantage of this. By evaluating your target market before, during and after an event, you are able to evaluate how their understanding essentially changed based on their experiences. In a perfect world, you will definitely intend to find out an individual who has minimal knowledge about your brand become more informed, engaged and enthusiastic about your offerings.

Lining Up Your Goals

You may not just keep track of the results of nearly anything without initially describing what success is. Because of this, the initial step of any experiential marketing boost is to properly identify at the very least one goal. Ask yourself what the ultimate objective and core values of your campaign or event are attempting to perform. Do you wish to boost conversions? Are you attempting to raise recognition with regards to a new service or product? Are you attempting to diversify into several markets or attract other group? By establishing clear targets, you are establishing the key elements for an efficient campaign.

Understanding the Campaign Metrics

Knowing how your KPI’s are identified and monitor is a necessary subsequent step in knowing your event’s ROI. As an example, should you intend to improve conversions, the preferred outcome will be an increase in conversions. If your main interest is establishing brand awareness, you’ll be looking for a spike in online mentions of your brand. After defining your objectives, associate the proper KPIs that associate with your general idea.

Prefer Quality Over Quantity

As stated in the opening part, even if a mass of customers shows up at an event does not denote it’s thought of successful. Again, don’t forget to keep in mind your targets and key performance indicators (KPIs). The truth is the fact that it’s much preferable to have authentic interactions with smaller clusters of customers than it is to have superficial interactions with much larger groups. For one thing, whenever an individual genuinely connects with a brand and is emotionally connected by its story, they are very likely to get the word out to some. Without doubt, positive word of mouth is a KPI that’s extensive among all experiential marketing campaigns.

Not A Good Idea Groupon Photo Booths-Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio

Not A Good Idea: Groupon Photo Booths

There are a whole lot of photo booth businesses available that are without a doubt getting on the Groupon and Living Social fad. We do get telephone calls asking in the event that we are running any kind of Groupon bargains or if we will certainly match a Groupon offer being used. To the disappointment of the customer we constantly say that we are not able to match the photo booth deal nor  take part in any type of Groupon kind of deals.

With the queries that we get, we notice that some people shop by cost only. This is a huge blunder in our viewpoint. What the consumer does not know is generally that many photo booth companies price way listed below “regular price” are typically start up companies, which could have one photo booth that has been improperly developed in their shed the last weekend. Their below market pricing is actually a representation of their dire need for a sale, any sale.

Exactly what lots of people do not realize is that these wonderful fifty percent off deals in fact cost the business offering the Groupon not fifty percent of their earnings but 75% or even more! So if the initial rate for the Groupon is $20 and it’s discounted to $10, Groupon will certainly keep on their own a minimum of $5 leaving the supplier with $5 or less, relying on what the vendor and Groupon work out.

Check for the Dates

Lot of times these deals consist of black out dates, only enabling you to gain access to this bargain if your event is on a particular day– usually mid-week. If you do get lucky enough to locate a deal that will work for the day of your occasion, there’s no guarantee that they will even appear. Frequently Groupon suppliers will cancel on your occasion at the very last minute or just not show up at all because “they forgot.” Regrettably, we have actually seen this as well several times at events or from clients informing us about their previous experiences. Together with this comes terrible customer care. Your photo booth will either be self-service (and you are stuck dealing with any technological difficulties on your very own), or it will certainly have a photo booth assistant that recognizes little to nothing concerning client service. Expect a minimum-wage-paid teen who will likely be disengaged with visitors and/or on their phone the entire time.


A lot of photo booth suppliers supplying Groupon bargains are also just lazy. Running any kind of local business requires a lot of effort. Advertising, marketing, and running a strategic business plan takes effort. Groupon is probably an easy road for most photo booth companies but gives them little reward. It appears that the company running the Groupon bargain had not even thought of the ramifications of the Groupon offer they ran up until they fill their whole schedule with events that pay little or nothing and soon they go under or pull no shows, perhaps even at your occasion.

Receive Just What You Spend for With Groupon

You will receive just what you spend for with Groupon suppliers. Utilizing photo booths as the general example: if you spend for an inexpensive photo booth, you’re getting a cheap photo booth. The pictures will sometimes be rough as well as out of focus, appearing like they were taken with a use once camera. Also, the set up will probably be the equal of a McDonald’s Big Mac. It looks good on the ad, but turns out to be rubbish in real life, leaving you naturally unsatisfied.

Why Your Company Should Engage in Experiential Marketing-Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio

Why Your Company Should Engage in Experiential Marketing

Gone are the days when daily media exposure came only from television, radio, and print. During this time, audiences were used to passively receiving marketing messages. When the only way of receiving media was tuning into one of a limited number of television or radio stations or pick up the latest publication from a news stand, what choice did we have but to passively pay attention and take in a commercial being aired or flip past a print ad?

Today, with the introduction of the Internet, streaming services, and other options that gives the end-user in charge of what they want to see, the effectiveness of the traditional marketing message, be it a TV commercial or a print ad, is now rapidly fading.

The big names in traditional media is now recognizing this shift in what customers are finding acceptable. For example, NBC Universal had decided to “create an ‘innovation fund’ for experimental marketing. A group… will be given a budget to dream up other ways to reach younger viewers through social media, guerilla campaigns and other events.” (Rose par. 12)

What is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing basically is making use of a marketing strategy to try to involve customers with a company’s branded experience. Rather than setting up a flat and passive “sender, message, receiver” dynamic – which is the traditional way, experiential marketing creates an experience that a customer will enjoy in order to make them to have a positive connection with a brand. This creates longer-lasting relationships and a deeper connection than the traditional marketing message.

One of the best forms of experiential marketing is through events. Branded events are able to bring in large audiences who are sure to enjoy the experience, and associate that positive experience with the brand. This positive perception of the brand can convert the event-goer into a long-term, brand-loyal customer.

The next time you are building a marketing plan, remember that your audience values experiences, and an inconspicuous yet an effective marketing message. Are you going to be that nosy salesperson that consumers view as an annoyance, or a helpful salesperson that provides them with what they value?

Contact Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio to find out how we can help you with your experiential marketing strategy.

Photo Booths as Branding and Marketing Tools-Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio

Photo Booths as Branding and Marketing Tools

So why exactly photo booths have become so popular for events, especially for corporate events? This is because photo booths not only keep your guests active and entertained, but they also help add with the overall experience. Photo booths too are low-cost and effective solution to marketing and promoting your services and brand. Read on to know how.

  1. Exclusive branding – we work will with you in designing the photo booth according to brand requirements and brand image. We have a dedicated in-house team of design experts that will work with you from conceptualization to implementation of the branding on the photo booth. It is advised to use your messaging with the photo booth to create more of a promotional push.
  2. Getting noticed – a photo booth is actually a stand alone piece of advertising that will stand out and get noticed. In effect, it is advertising your brand loud and clear and with greater impact. It will also help attract interest wherever it is used. For example, in shopping malls and on the streets, our branded photo booth are utilized to great effect by adding an incentive and diverting shoppers to shop in-store as well as increasing foot traffic.
  3. Increase in engagement – engaging with your potential customers plays an important role during the event and the photo booth provides the perfect platform to engage with the customers. Not only the photo booth acts as an attraction and a conversation starter, it also creates a buzz around your brand. With the potential customers having the impression of light-heartedness and your brand being approachable, it will help you collect data more pleasantly and easily form prospects for ongoing engagement and interaction.

Broadcasting experience via social media – social media is one of today’s powerful marketing tools. Guests can get to enjoy posting their photos instantly and at the same time making your brand viral on top social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Having your photo booth integrated with social media not only generate a buzz but will also give you data insights and event data capture for effective marketing campaigns.

Spice Up Your Next Party with a Photo Booth-Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio

Spice Up Your Next Party with a Photo Booth

Nobody would want to throw a stale party., but how would you plan a party that really packs a punch? Rent a photo booth. By renting a photo booth, you will get an entertainment solution that both provides and records all the fun in one convenient package. Think of renting a photo booth is just like bringing our own Instagram to the party, a stand alone selfie station for your guests to play around with to their hearts’ content.

A photo booth rental is truly a fantastic way to record all those happy memories from any type celebration. It is something fun to do that brings everyone together and makes the night feel special. Seeing your party guests playing with props and wearing fancy dresses will make everybody laugh. All the silly fun and adult shenanigans of playing around with a photo booth takes you back to the carefree days of your childhood which is the perfect atmosphere for a truly great party. Photo booth print outs are truly an incredible reminder of treasured memories that are simply unforgettable. We will give you all the photos of the party (this is actually a standard), you can view them with a private gallery that we’ll set up or will be on a disc. You can then easily create a social media album (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram) or print off any additional pictures that you may require.

When you rent a photo booth, you are providing so much more that just a form of entertainment. The fun of piling into the photo booth and waiting for your pictures to print out is priceless. It is just too much fun and it is accessible that even shy guests will be willing to try out.

Rent a photo booth for your next party and you are guaranteed the best opportunity to have get people who don’t see each other often. It is also a great way in getting pictures of everyone in an informal and relaxed environment. When you make party photos fun, it is easy to get some more additional photographs. Naturally, people do not want being forced into pose into formal pictures, but behind props and costumes, inhibitions disappear and the smiles just keep on coming.

Challenges and Benefits of Nonprofit Fundraising

Challenges and Benefits of Nonprofit Fundraising

Just the recent years, nonprofits have not just been taking few forms; from 5k runs, endurance bike rides and walk-a-thons. Nonprofits have expanded activities to include mud runs, polar plunging and to the extent of head shaving. But just like with any other undertaking, planning a fundraising event has its benefits and challenges. They can bring a lot of revenue to both the organization and the cause but can also put a lot of pressure on a nonprofit organization’s resources. Operations and logistics alone will test the integrity and the organization’s limits but the reward can certainly outweigh the risk if the plans are executed properly.

One main challenge of organizing a nonprofit event is the tremendous amount of effort and coordination that is needed that goes to planning and execution. Nonprofits that are considering planning an event should always start with a committee. Your organization then would need to carefully plan who will run the key aspects of the event. To make it easier, assign small groups to be in charge of operations, logistics, marketing and other critical aspects of the experience.

Personnel is obviously an important piece, but so is the budget. Make sure that you are able to set goals for your investment. To have a good sense of numbers, try to find organizations of comparable size that have experienced hosting similar events and ask them. Corporate sponsorships are also critical for an event to be called successful as they can provide capital resources. Make sure to look for the possibility of in-kind donations for crucial event components of the operations – corporate volunteers or prizes to incentivize participation.

A major benefit in organizing a fundraising event is brand awareness. This awareness is actually two-fold. First is online reach. The participants who will fundraise will be sharing your event and brand far. Fundraisers will send out emails with your logo and messaging to their own networks – thousands upon thousands of friends, colleagues and family.

The second type of brand awareness is at the local level. Local volunteers and participants will interact with each your team in a way that you would never copy just by sitting in an office or at any standard, programmed event. Operating an event is dynamic. The fluid nature of logistics will be able to push individuals to work together in many different ways and o course, can always be fun.

Do not make the mistake of underestimating the challenges that a fundraising event will present to an organization. If done correctly, all the funds collected, brand awareness and sheer enjoyment that a fundraising event can provide to staff, volunteers and attendees can completely change the dynamics of a nonprofit for the better.