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Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio: Awesome Photo Booth Backdrops!

Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio: Awesome Photo Booth Backdrops!

Photo booth backdrop is among the numerous necessary items in a birthday party, wedding, or event that requires decorations. It could be crafted from a window curtain with some ingenious concepts, streamers that made up of snapshots, and even props and photography frame concepts that you can produce.


DIY backdrops are generally in demand nowadays. Occasionally, it is also referred to as customized photo booth backdrop. Actually, fun set such as this are turning into somewhat of an essential for some events of every kind.


While photo booth backgrounds of almost every classification– form, size, and sorts– exist, there are some inexpensive materials anyone can easily buy online shop (for example, to create your design. Sure enough, there is a wide selection of photo booth paper, backdrops, wonderful lights, and a lot more that will suit your event.


Photo Booth Backdrop Suggestions

You intend to see to it that your visitors are having a good time in your extraordinary themed event. Because the fact that backdrop structure for sale is generally almost everywhere. As a result, photo booth backdrops are effortless to achieve.


For certain, there is a supplier which supplies photo booth backdrops for sale or rent. From time to time, in the event that you are fortunate enough in this particular phase of preparing a Do It Yourself wedding or party, photo booth companies also provide a big savings, particularly to loyal patrons.


If you actually would like to create your very own, you might just get some approaches from Pinterest or Google Images. You might also pick up the unique idea from some of your friends specifically if they are experienced with these photo booth backdrop things.


Photo Booths for Any Occasion

Some photo booths are 8ft long, which are very roomy. It can allow a lot more individuals to see inside a single photo. Always remember to opt for the best-fitted style and the perfect activity set-up for your guests.


A Sparkling Gold Backdrop

This particular design is best suited for wedding events or receptions. It can easily also be certainly utilized on a number of occasions along with motifs related to Hollywood, Christmas, Casino, or any time-honored stuff. For DIY, you can easily buy a number of exceptional gold backdrops from your preferred retailer.


Going Industrial: Brick and Concrete Backdrops

Brick walls are awesome backdrop ideas. For party organizers, it is considered as a typical photo booth prop. It is really very easy but most definitely provides additional stunning pictures because of its pattern. A photo booth with industrial brick and concrete backdrops may be best for any age, from kids’ birthday events to weddings, and to senior homecomings.

Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio-Photo Booth Props and Ideas

Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio: Photo Booth Props and Ideas

Are you seeking to have a large celebration or celebration of some sorts? Maybe you are finally proceeding to be getting hitched and you would like to really enjoy it and see to it so that you keep these great moments. There certainly are several strategies that you can possibly do this but one of the most well-known things that people are beginning to do is actually to use a photo booth to grab these wonderful memories.


DIY Photo Booth Props


Some of the most effective solutions to save money when considering photo booths is to take a look at doing a DIY booth for your photos. It may perhaps not seem the best strategy or you may be thinking that just renting one would certainly be a lot better.


Of course renting one would most likely be the best choice and the supplier that you rent from would undoubtedly be more than thrilled to give you with props to use. However, if you find yourself being not capable to use this route, finding a simple Do It Yourself solution for your booth and your props could be best choice for you.


Now, setting up a photo booth would certainly not be the easiest task but with YouTube videos that will definitely really help you put together your booth step by step, there is no better time to carry out it.


Printable Photo Booth Props


In the present day, there are different ways to get a hold of photo booth props and most individuals like to fancy up with hats and with entertaining little bows and things like that. You may always have a look at dollar stores and thrift stores so as to look for several of these fun props however, just one of the things which you might do is search for printable props on the web.


The best alternative is to use thick poster type paper to print them out on to make sure that they won’t flex or break after one usage. One more thing that individuals will certainly do is simply to make use of pressed paper as a thick backing and use skewers or kabob sticks as the prop holders.


Some other things that you can do making these props last is actually to laminate all of them if you have a laminating machine freely accessible. Of course, there are also other places such as office supply suppliers that you can easily go to have things laminated.


Photo Booth Prop Ideas


There are lots of ideas that you may get for your photo booth props. If you are having a wedding celebration, then maybe you can have fun props like a top hat standing for the husband and a tiara representing the precious bride. You could likewise have props that say groom and bride.


Supposing that you are planning a baby shower, you can have a prop that folks can sport that will make them resemble they have a big pregnant tummy. Possibly you can also make use of props like baby bottles and hoods, as well as even a huge cloth diaper that several people could use for fun.

Planning The Company Holiday Party-Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio

Planning The Company Holiday Party

Of course, there is a good deal of strain associated with preparing for the company Christmas party. It’s the highlight of the company calendar in which everybody looks forward to loosening up and enjoying another year of achievements. This kind of an eagerly looked forward to party requires some very thorough planning. There’s the site to think of, then the guest list, the food choice, the music, the party favors. The checklist really does just continue. When it comes down to your Christmas party activity, you are in terrific company because we have the photo booth rentals is just awesome for your Christmas party!


A photo booth rental will certainly tick every one of your boxes whenever you are arranging the company Christmas party this year. Our photo booth will blend right in with just about any environment, no matter if it is large, small, formal or informal. The same goes for the guest list: young, old, extrovert and introvert– a photo booth rental is great fun for everybody!


A wonderful way to get people to the photo booth is to purposefully place it beside the bar, the snack bar, or any party food and drink is available. The Christmas season is recognized for being really the season of indulgence and no one can avoid a mouth watering hog roast or pie. Wine is the best Christmas drink that gets a lot of people in the party vibe and also all set to get in the photo booth. Nevertheless, you do not really want all that company planning to go to waste!


You could intend to look at some other forms of activities for the Holiday party, regardless if your company has plenty of budding X Factor hopefuls who will really love pretty much nothing better than a karaoke, or even if the workplace is full of disco divas who will enjoy dancing the night away. A photo booth fits basically very well with any type of party entertainment. We can easily theme the backgrounds and props with a festive Christmas theme as well.


The biggest concern when arranging the company Christmas party is undoubtedly the price of it all. Our company have a range of different event package deals to go well with all budgets and what is brilliant about making use of a photo booth as your event entertainment is that your party favors are automatically provided. As a part of your special deal you will receive on-the-spot print outs of your photo booth pictures, along with a disc containing all of your photos.


Display to your associates how much they are cherished by producing a Christmas party that is the chatter of the company for years ahead, you’ll marvel how minimal planning it takes the moment you get into it. For a company holiday party with some added Christmas cheer, rent a photo booth and let us look after the entertainment for you!

Christmas Party Photo Booth San Antonio Bring The Holidays into The Office-Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio

Christmas Party Photo Booth San Antonio: Bring The Holidays into The Office

Being in an office space for 8 hours a day may really dishearten your holiday mood. Having said that, just because you work in an office setting, it doesn’t mean you can not get into the Christmas spirit!


Right before you find out, your company is going to be calling for your support in throwing the annual holiday party and we want to help you make it the best one ever!


Making Your Work Area into the North Pole

Do you dislike the uninviting neutral dividers that surround your worktable? A little bit of wrapping paper and a couple of dollar store Christmas ornaments can go a long way! You can easily get as imaginative as you like with decorating. When you only prefer a little bit of holiday cheer, adding wrapping paper on one partition will do the trick. If you are aiming to make an impact on everybody in the office and make them speculate if you’re Santa undercover, you can set a fireplace wallpaper on your computer screens and make use of cardboard to make a pseudo chimney stack around the displays. Being surrounded in a work environment that makes you happy will result in more effective work efficiency too!


Make Team Building a Yearly Thing

Exactly who mentioned fun were just for kids? Not just are team games a stress reducer, they are additionally a terrific solution to bond along with your workmates and build useful communication skills. Team building is a wonderful method to get your mind off your job while having a great time with your fellows at the same time!


Bring in Those Christmas Goodies

Remain on the ‘good’ list this year and bring a couple of holiday themed treats into work. Incorporate pretzels and M&M’s to chocolate cupcakes to create a cool reindeer or include red and green speckles to the classic sugar cookie recipe. Organizing a cookie swap is another easy means to check out several many different flavors of cookies without needing to create them all! Each person makes some sets of the identical cookie and you exchange them with each other.


Making Your Christmas Party Wonderful

With the holiday breaks fast approaching, many of us are generally getting thrilled when it comes to the similar matter: the office Christmas celebration. No matter if your task is having the party in the middle of work hours, potluck or perhaps an evening affair, adding a photo booth is a terrific way to record your memories. A photo booth is a cool approach to record everyone tricked out and it’s an excellent team building activity. In the event that you have children, the annual Christmas party may be just one of the only times a year in which you get a night out child free.


If you are the go-to person at the office for planning the office Christmas party, we’ve got great news: we’re here to make your life easier!


Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio has a ton of experience with holiday parties big and small. We are completely dedicated to working with you to create a fantastic experience for all of your attendees while creating the least stressful planning experience for you. Give us a call today at Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio or contact us online to get started!

Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio-Suggestions for a School Fall Celebration Photo Booth

Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio: Suggestions for a School Fall Celebration Photo Booth

Out of back-to-school to Halloween alternatively harvest motifs, fall festivities deliver an opportunity to host fundraising events or host more interesting parent-teacher nights. Add an activity which doubles as a keepsake station with a photo booth that participants may personalize. Use basic backdrops such as piles of leaves and twigs or images of blackboards, or make more complex backdrops with classroom scenes, pumpkin patches or Halloween scenes. Include things like the school mascot or local spots for further style.


School-Themed Photo Booths


Utilize old desks, paperbacks, globes and some other school materials so as to put on a schoolroom scene for your scenery. Decorate the booth itself with pencils, rulers, scaled-down chalkboards and also cutouts of letters and numbers. Put to use an oversized blackboard or blackboard-like contact paper to make a background that could be modified along with names, ornaments or doodles for each picture. Use foam craft or wooden picture mounts in order to get the snapshots and get them pre-decorated or maybe permit attendees to spruce up their very own. Print pictures within the booth as giveaways or offer for sale sheets of pictures to each household.


Halloween-Themed Photo Booths


Graveyards, ghosts, jack-o’-lanterns and black cats generate a chilly Halloween scenery for your festival photo booth. Position friends and families on top of papier mache- or possibly actual pumpkins, next to scary skeletons or giggling ghosts. Dangle rubber or paper bats from the top of your background to provide depth and offer visitors the option to put on costume outfits or perhaps face paint for added fun. Fog machines inspire a vapory glow to photos, while black lights or strobe lights develop intriguing visual effects. Decorate your booth to look like a graveyard, with foam tombstones put together all over the perimeter.


Autumn-Themed Photo Booths


Out of heaps of leaves and pumpkins to hay bales and scarecrows, a typical autumn concept is ideal for young elementary youngsters as well as celebrations at religious or parochial schools. Baskets of gourds and squash, bundles of corn stalks and false and fresh leaves set up a fun-filled and old-time background for pictures. Decorate the booth with leaves, gourds, pumpkins and scarecrows, and provide attendees color scarecrows and paint pumpkins while they stand by for photos. Simple or solid-color backgrounds set up students as they hold out along with their painted pumpkins or customized scarecrows.


Typical Photo Booth Ideas


If the fall festival has a different motif, such as a carnival/county exhibit style, beautify your photo booth keeping that in mind. Take advantage of brightly-colored backgrounds and props in which coordinate along with the total celebration theme so that visitors and attendees have a keepsake that reflects the evening. Present outfits and props with your photo booth so every single photograph is fully individualized for the student and their friends or family.

Make a Sustained Perception with Experiential Marketing-Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio

Make a Sustained Perception with Experiential Marketing

With technological advances, it’s becoming easier and easier for people to disregard traditional advertising and marketing messages. They can fast-forward commercials thanks to the Personal Video Recorder (as well as eliminate them completely using apps like Netflix). They can easily moderate digital adverts coming from brands within applications and also on numerous social media platforms, and they can easily clean their email inboxes to decrease content which includes sales content. Therefore, exactly how could companies reach possible customers without the notification virtually getting lost in the email?


Experiential marketing delivers products to existence, making it possible for customers to experience, touch, interact with and establish an emotional bond to a product. Although digital seems to be prevailing over the marketing world, it’s those real-life interactions that consumers require and remember the most.


Experiential marketing exposes individuals to the genuine unique character behind your brand.

Brand awareness is serious. It’s what specifies your company separately from your competitors. Showing off your brand’s incomparable qualities will certainly make a platform for your possible consumers to hookup with your brand name – equally as they would bond with a new acquaintance who shares the same interests and individual traits.


You can showcase your brand’s credibility.

Sales talk wouldn’t be sufficient. It’s important for a brand to determine what their suitable patron is really looking out for, and afterwards put together a strategy to their issue. Instead of mentioning “Get our products”, it’s more beneficial for brands to mention something more like, “Want to save on time? Here’s how we can help.” Your brand must be real, sincere, and authentic so as to actually connect with your clients.


Your guests will be able to physically and emotionally engage with your product.

You can tell them how awesome your products or services is, or you may allow them to experience how wonderful it is certainly firsthand. Permitting your users to interact with the senses, will really enable them to build a connection with your company. Allow them to see. lay a finger on, hear, and smell the products in person. That’s exactly how lasting impressions are usually made.


People love memorable experiences more than material objects.

According to a report administered by Harris, of the consumers (and more particularly millennials) surveyed, 72% mentioned they would love to increase their spending on experiences as opposed to physical things in the upcoming year. This reveals a major shift out of materialism, to real-life experiences, so it makes sense to do the same.


By renting a photo booth to your next event, you would be able to check all of these boxes! Contact us Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio to learn more about how we can help to make a lasting impression on your guests!

Photo Booth Rental Cost in San Antonio-Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio

Photo Booth Rental Cost in San Antonio

“You Get What You Pay For!”


We’ve all was told of the famous phrase, “You Get What You Pay For” but often you do not regularly understand if something is actually very inexpensive or actually too costly. So exactly where can you intend to find out just what the regular price might be?


A typical price for a photo booth nationwide will vary from $400 on the low end to $1500 depending on variables and also $3000+ for multi-day trade shows and corporate events.


Just what is the practical photo booth rental cost?


If you were hoping for much less however $500-$1500 seems to be an extra precise cost for a photo booth rental with add-ons that can increase to $3000. To some that may be jaw dropping. To others that price variety is very easy. The factor for such a huge swing is because there are a lot of factors at play. It’s difficult to divide the bare basics from the not-so-important photo booth rental devices. It is also tough to tell just what each organization does in different ways. Just because a firm details out a bullet list of functions it does not suggest both solutions are equivalent. You have to really take a look at exactly what makes the business both distinct and also different.


What are the photo booth rental essentials?


  1. Rental Time– Make sure you have the correct amount of time for your event. Most events need at the very least two hours to begin. Three hours is a lot more typical especially for wedding events. The quantity of time you get at the event is possibly the most vital thing. Do not go inexpensive below. Make sure you get the correct amount of time you require.
  2. The Camera – See to it the camera is a more recent DSLR camera over 18 mega pixels with a good lens. The lens just as important as the camera, if not more vital. Having a DSLR camera permits compatible lenses so you’re not stuck with simply the kit lens. Don’t simply assume they’re loading the cubicle with the ideal equipment. Demand to see a couple high resolution photos of what the final image top quality will look like.
  3. Lighting equipment – The light they make use of is just as crucial. The larger the light the much better the high quality of the light. Having an umbrella or soft box is ideal so the light is not extreme and straight. Think of it like a cloud covering the sun. Taking a picture of yourself in straight sunlight is not incredibly lovely. It will make your face appearance glossy as well as creates rough darkness. You desire a photo booth that does not simply aim a straight bare bulb flash at your face. Particularly if this is a wedding. Individuals are typically coming spruced up and would certainly enjoy to get a good looking photo of themselves with their family or partner.
  4. The Printer– Ensure they are publishing with a dye sublimation printer not an inkjet. Ink Jet printers take a while to print (which implies visitors will be waiting) and the ink could smudge conveniently from finger prints. Color Sublimation prints move with warmth and are quickly dry when they come out. Plus, the photo is coated as well as sealed. This will certainly secure your pictures from moisture or UV lighting therefore permitting your printouts to last.
  5. Field of expertise – is the photo booth firm you are taking into consideration concentrate on photo booths or have a history in digital photography solutions. Too many companies are simply including photo booths to their endless supply of enjoyment or rental solutions. If the business seems a one stop buy everything more than likely their not placing most of their daily interest towards supplying the most effective photo booth experience. Photo booths have a lot of moving components as well as still need a human touch to obtain whatever working perfect.




To start, request a personalized quote! Scroll to the top of the page (or click HERE) and send us a quick message including as much information as possible about your event (i.e.: Name, Phone or Email, date, time, theme, type of event, etc.) so we can recommend on the best approach to your event.



Once you’ve decided on renting a photo booth for your event, we can book your date! The process is very simple, you will receive an agreement from Lets Booth It – Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio and once it is signed along with a deposit payment, you can now relax as we will take care of the rest. Lets Booth It – Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio will be onsite the day of your event to get the party started!



We will keep you on the loop on the development and with the entire planning process. Choose the perfect backdrop (upgrade fee may apply), your preference on the photo print (logos, static images), and even on how to brand the photo booth (upgrade fee applies). You will receive an email notification and it is where you would communicate all of the tweaks you would need for your perfect photo booth experience.



On the big day we will arrive approximately one hour before the operational start time to set everything up. Once the event starts so does the fun. Your guests are sure to have a blast with our photo booth, props and our professional staff is always at the ready to help with the booth.



Another thing worth pointing out is our Memory Scrapbook service (upgrade fee applies); brides love this as it is a great keepsake from a wedding. Our Memory Scrapbook service allows guests to keep a tangible strip and place the other in the scrapbook, writing personalized notes to the bride and the groom. Once the reception has ended, we are able to provide you with a digital copy of all images (upgrade fee may apply).


Wishing you all the very best in finding the ideal photo booth for your next celebration or event. For all your photo booth rental needs, give us a phone call at Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio or contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you.


Let us help Make The party!

DIY Photo Booth Vs. A Professional Photo Booth-Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio

DIY Photo Booth Vs. A Professional Photo Booth

It really looks like every single day there is an unique way to make your wedding celebration a lot more wonderful. Some of the most well-known ways at the moment is to take advantage of a photo booth at your wedding and reception, yet there’s still a bit of debate on the best way to do so.


Photo booths are presently trendy simply because aside from that they offer an original experience as well as fun for the guests, they likewise help make wedding photography more intriguing and a bit unique. Newlyweds that are interested in using a photo booth on their wedding frequently face the exact challenge– will they rent a photo booth or should they purchase a camera and build a do it yourself photo booth.


Renting a photo booth

Renting a photo booth often means that you are going to get a far better final product. The high-end cameras used in the photo booths are usually state-of-the-art and very impressive. In other words, they create snapshots with better quality due to the fact that the cameras are actually professional.


The production is simply automated and immediate and this is another crucial reason plenty of people go with photo booth rentals.


If you rent a photo booth, you might just be able to save some amount of money as well. This may perhaps sound not logical to many, but when you consider the amount of time spent setting up your own Do It Yourself wedding photo booth you’ll realize that it can be a notable investment. Time might be relatively costly when you are putting together a wedding celebration ceremony.


Another real benefit is that renting a photo booth means that there is an outside pro that will certainly take care of this machine in the event that something happens.


When it comes down to issues we will bring up two considerable disadvantages.


Firstly, these photo booths can surely sometimes be rather costly making them monetarily unreasonable.


Furthermore, vacancy can possibly be restricted and it can be difficult to snap one up well before it’s late!


Purchasing a high-end camera and building up a DIY photo booth

Putting together a DIY photo booth could provide a notion of contentment and joy. You will understand something new and you will probably carry this out together with the people you love. It goes without saying, this process may be quite enjoyable too.


Added great benefit of making use of DIY photo booths is the fact that you will certainly make a photo booth according to your wants, requirements, and desires. You can choose several backgrounds and designs as well as shoot any variety of photo you prefer. In the case that you get a camera you can have the chance to use it shortly after the wedding celebration too.


You can also give the photo booth to other individuals.


It doesn’t matter whichever choice you go with, having a photo booth at your wedding and reception is a cool and unique plan sure to be thought of for many years ahead. Have you taken advantage of a photo booth at your wedding?

Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio-The Ideal Photo Booth Rental for Every Event

Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio: The Ideal Photo Booth Rental for Every Event

Coming across that advantage to your gathering or celebration could be challenging. Every person is aiming to look for that point of difference– an aspect that will help make their party remarkable– improving their position to as one of the hottest events in the area.

That ‘vantage point’ can not just reinforce your interests socially but for businesses, the value of the client experience can easily mean profit and also improve your income. With that in your mind, let’s check out at solutions in which your next gathering can easily benefit from having Photo Booth Rental San Antonio, on board.


Corporate Events

Place a photo booth by the doorway to your company function and stand back and watch the fun. Not only will it start a conversation, motivating attendees to mingle, it provides the opportunity to provide your patrons a memento which has been customized with your business logo. This is a valuable promotion and marketing opportunity.



Plenty of event coordinators break one’s back to determine a general point of interest for guests, especially at which gatherings like fundraisers are concerned, in which plenty of guests are convening as unfamiliar people.

The charm of the photo booth for these events is, it helps attendees to hang out in an easy going manner while promoting your brand. Ask as soon as possible and we can easily assist you with any photo booth solutions which can certainly help bring in funds for your cause without the need for stressful soliciting.



With today’s era, the conventional wedding has pushed aside for less old-fashioned customs. Introducing photo booths at wedding receptions has ended up being a successful solution for:

  • Motivating visitors to rub shoulders
  • Reducing the costs of costly professional wedding photographers
  • Providing guests with a token
  • A cool strategy to help make your wedding stand apart from the crowd



Family members and friends equally will appreciate exactly how easy it is to build memories with our photo booths while at the same time putting together albums with photos of loved ones that will certainly last forever. Take into consideration our open air photo booth which in turn will allow large group family photos, incorporating many generations.


Pics with Santa

Having Santa and a photo booth readily available at your upcoming Christmas social event is a recipe for success!

Visualize how the kids will be lined up. Take into consideration one of our photo booths, purposed to present traditional charm. Our team are able to deliver a wide range of backdrops to complete the Christmas cheer.

So commonly these days, treasured memories are left on an electronic device, leaving them vulnerable of being permanently lost. A photo booth gives a physical printout of your most valued moments for both you and your guests.

This is Why You Have to Pay for a Lot More When It Comes to a Wedding Photo Booth-Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio

This is Why You Have to Pay for a Lot More When It Comes to a Wedding Photo Booth

Getting hitched is without a doubt the single most important event in someone’s lifetime and making certain that their wedding day works out is literally of extreme importance. Having said that ask any current or former bride or groom and these guys will all say to you that as quickly as they brought up the word “Wedding” to a supplier they had the impression the service provider saw dollar signs roll across their eyes as well as heard the “cha ching” of cash registers.

It really is respectable enough then that this remarked price tag gouging has indeed developed a bit of resentment in the mind of the general public. For the majority of wedding suppliers, including photo booth operators, currently there are absolutely some very reliable reasons that they do ask for relatively more and just why you should actually be glad!

Supposing that you know nearly anything with regards to business, you would recognize that all organizations must bring in more earnings compared to their expenses to make a profit. If they do that all right and have funds left over to reinvest in helping make their businesses far better and continue to flourish that basically makes them a profitable company.

Numerous prosperous professional wedding suppliers deal with a business model of what is referred to as: “less equals more”. Much less clienteles paying much more gives them more time to look after each client in a manner befitting the fact that those clients due to the very essence of their occasion necessitate additional work, planning and customer support compared to regular clients. Successful low cost providers work with the opposite business model of “more equals less”. A lot more clients paying for a lot less implies so much more clients they really need but a lot less time they offer for each of them.

Let’s break it all down for you so you can see exactly with regards to just how much added services is included for a wedding photo booth rental:


Pre Booking

Before anybody interacts a photo booth rental they are probably to ask about a whole lot more questions as well as want to know a lot more about them via phone calls, emails and face to face meetings. Many photo booth rental businesses are going to display at Wedding expos and venue open days to showcase their products or services straight to everyone. This requires a lot more of their time and money which in turn forces up their businesses break even point. In other words, they need to bring in much more revenue to cover expenses in order to attract potential clients.


Pre Rental

In the middle of the planning activity wedding coordinators or perhaps any individual who is charged to manage, require particular attention since they normally are very specific about what they would like and/or they require close recommendations throughout the entire activity. They are usually rather busy putting together all the elements to the wedding event and the photo booth is often bottom on the list. This indicates photo booth operators spend a lot of time chasing after points of contact for booking verifications, getting back to their questions, wrapping up booking details, producing visuals or going after settlements etc. Couple all that with the truth that brides are recognized to switch their minds and operators need to be all around it to keep up yet again this all occupies valuable time and time is money.


The Rental

Compared to other rentals on the day (and commonly for the few days preceding the special day) the bride is actually not really accessible to consult with which implies everything should be 100% sorted out and prepared well ahead of time. From liaising with the location and all the behind the scenes program to setting up logo visuals on the photo booth it all needs to be ready to go on the day. Presented there is absolutely no room for error, wedding photo booth operators will oftentimes also make sure they have additional items (eg laser printers, screens) and more than just needed amounts of media or incidental items in the event that of unexpected troubles and/or have extra staff on standby. All this additional prep work and redundancies could really eat into profits.


Post Rental, Following the Wedding

Prompt preparation of DVDs, USBs, online galleries and various other items takes place soon after the wedding in addition to follow ups to ascertain clients more than happy with exactly how everything went. Should there have been a complication whether the error of a photo booth operator or not, professional photo booths will certainly do whatever it requires to always keep their clients delighted including full or partial repayments and/or possible future service discounts.