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A Guide in Renting a Photo Booth

Everyone wants to get the most bang for their buck when renting a photo booth. Just like with any product or service, typically, the less you spend, quality is compromised. On the other hand, it may be that the more you spend, the better a product or a service be. This is just a common perception but also keep in mind that there are also photo booths that are out there that offers great value at a lower price and others may be on the expensive side of things but do not deliver as promised.

Today’s photo booths are built well. Occasionally, we do encounter someone who thinks who can do it better; throwing in a camera, a laptop, printer and props thinking that they can run the business successfully. It is not as easy as it looks. So, how does one go in finding the perfect photo booth rental that is right for the event?

Enclosed or Open Air Photo Booths

The typical enclosed photo booth provides more privacy for the customer inside the booth. We can all admit that not all people would like other people watch them while they are in the photo booth. On the other hand, an open air photo booth is typically set up like a red carpet style (think Grammys or The Oscars), where in guests would step in the booth and the camera would just away. The background can be of your choice. The main advantage of having an open air photo booth is that many more people can be framed in a shot with it.

Physical Construction

The modern photo booth comes in all shapes and sizes to appeal to different tastes. Today, it is important to standout among the competition. Most photo booths are made from aluminum or wood. In terms of sizes, the smallest photo booths typically accommodate only two people at a time while the larger booths can accommodate 15 people or more. To begin, you need to evaluate the event and ask yourself how many people would you want to fit in the photo booth at any given time. Ask the photo booth company for the photo booth sizes and if they would match your expectation. It is important to make sure that there is enough room at your venue to accommodate the booth you choose.

Customer Service

Another important factor in considering a photo booth rental is the customer service that comes with it. You would need to think about your preferences in terms of a stand-alone booth, or the one that comes with an experienced, professional staff.

There are many advantages of having a photo booth attendant present at your event. A good instance, if any technical difficulty should arise, the attendant is there to quickly resolve the issue. They are also great facilitators and help keep the lines moving.

Always keep in mind, before renting a photo booth, always do your research and weigh in your requirements. Whether you are an event organizer or the bride in search of a photo booth, give us a call at Photo Booth Rentals San Antonio and see what we can do for you.